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Farm Fresh Meats

About Our Company

Farm Fresh Meats has provided Ontarians with quality food products and bulk delivery. Our experience in the home delivery world proves us to be a reliable and promising company. We offer brand name products at wholesale prices, saving you money whenever you choose Farm Fresh Meats.

Our dedication to our customer's satisfaction has been fueling our success for over 35 years. Quality, Convenience and Savings are the three words our company stands behind.

Canadian Farms

Farm Fresh Meats carrys only premium quality meat products direct from Ontario local farmers who share our philosophy of raising livestock in a natural, humane and low-stress environment.

Our beef, chicken and pork products are naturally raised without any added artificial hormones, steroids or sub-therapeutic antibiotics.

Why You Need Us?

  • The quality of food that is delivered is unconditionally guaranteed
  • Informative appointments and staff help you understand where your money is going and what you will receive
  • Flexible order sheets that you fill out with your own choices and requests
  • Free delivery within four to five days of the order
  • Save money/less impulse buys and less fuel cost
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