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The Right Package For You

Platinum Package
The platinum package is best for large families with not a lot of time on their hands. If you spend $200+ each week this package is best for you.

"My husband and I work full time while our two eldest sons have part time jobs. We have 5 children: 3 teenagers and 2 10 year olds. Our lives are very busy."

Gold Package
Busy families with career-heavy parents are best fitted to the gold package. Saving valuable time which saves your money. You spend about $125-$175 a week with convenience at the top of your priorities.

"My wife works from home while I work full time; our kids are 8 months, 2 years and 6 years old. Our eldest daughter is starting to get into more activities and our time is limited."

Silver Package
The silver package is ideal for young families with young children. If you are a budget conscious family and spending at least $100-$130 a week, your best choice would be the silver package.

"My husband and I got married 1 year ago and now we have a young child to take care of."
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